350k relief applications approved

The Government today said it has completed the processing of all applications under the Temporary Unemployment Relief Scheme with subsidies granted to 350,000 out of 470,000 applicants, far exceeding the original estimate of 300,000 beneficiaries.   The total subsidies amounted to $3.5 billion.   The Government earlier reminded applicants to submit requests for a review of their applications by July 8.   Among the 30,690 requests received by the deadline, around 27,500 applications were granted subsidies after the review while the decision to reject was upheld for about 3,190 applications. Relevant applicants have been notified of the final review results.   Moreover, a lenient approach was adopted throughout the vetting and review process by exercising discretion to approve appropriate cases, the Government explained.   About 120,000 applications were not approved under the lenient arrangements, some of which involve applicants who were found to have breached the terms and c

15 virus cases found in Tin Lai Court

The Government today announced that 15 positive and 10 indeterminate COVID-19 cases were found in the compulsory testing exercise for the restricted area concerning Tin Lai Court in Tin Shui Wai.   It made a restriction-testing declaration yesterday to cover the building where about 1,500 people were tested.   Government staff also visited around 760 households there and will follow up on those who did not answer the door.

Show safety a priority: Kevin Yeung

The Government will investigate the Hong Kong Coliseum concert incident and adjust existing safety standards if needed to ensure that performances are held safely, Secretary for Culture, Sports & Tourism Kevin Yeung said today.   Meeting the media, Mr Yeung said: “This is an accident that none of us wants to see. It is our responsibility and our determination to make sure that the same incident will not happen again.   “As the owner or the management of this venue, the LCSD (Leisure & Cultural Services Department) has made an agreement with all the hirers on the arrangements of performances.   “Also, the hirer has the prime responsibility to make sure that the set-up is safe - both for all the performers as well as the audience. They also, for any particular set-up on the stage, have to have a professional registered engineer to certify that the set-up is safe for that purpose.   “So for this particular incident, we will embark on a very detailed investigation with (the

Growth forecast cut unavoidable: FS

Financial Secretary Paul Chan today said Hong Kong’s economic growth forecast for this year will likely be adjusted downwards, citing the worsening external economic situation arising from the recent interest rate rise.   The US Federal Reserve raised the interest rate by 75 basis points. In Hong Kong, following this upward adjustment in the target range for the US federal funds rate, the Monetary Authority announced that the Base Rate was adjusted upward to 2.75% with immediate effect according to a pre-set formula.   Meeting the media today, Mr Chan said: “The increase in (the) US interest rate, under Hong Kong’s Linked Exchange Rate System, will impact our interest rate. Over the past two months, you have seen the interbank interest rate rise, although the prime rate remains intact.   “The rate and the magnitude of increase in the interest rate depends very much on the liquidity in the market and also the liquidity of individual banks.   “At the moment, we estimate that unde

Hong Kong Science Park's company has secured USD 15M in Series B round .

Huge Congratulations! FreeD Group has secured USD 15M in Series B round to expand beyond Hong Kong!  Looking after your customers is everything . FreeD Group enhances the interaction between consumers and brands via its award-winning, proprietary AI-driven smart commerce and smart merchandising solutions.  Named the Tech Pioneer 2022 by World Economic Forum , FreeD Group has helped global companies, including Samsung Electronics and Marriott International, to develop their SuperApp experience and benefit from the extensive partner network of FreeD Group.  At HKSTP, we are so proud to be their springboard to the world. Check out their story on Forbes:    Follow our page to get the latest tech news in Hong Kong!  More Information :

HKSTP Partner Company Incubatee PointFit Technology won the grand prize of ASICS Accelerator

Good things come to those who sweat. Our Incubatee PointFit Technology has just won the grand prize of ASICS Accelerator!   Congratulations to the team for winning this global accelerator! The research is 100% Hong Kong. #TeamHongKong   #HKUST   (Co-Founder & CEO) Kenny Oktavius   (Co-Founder & COO) Jack Chen   (Co-Founder & CTO) Reno Adley Prawoto  (Co-Founder) Prof Ping Gao  PointFit Sweat Sensor is an ultra-thin skin patch that tracks your health condition through sweat biomarkers and transmits it to your mobile app in real-time.  Following the accelerator, Point Fit will work closely with ASICS Corporation to integrate its patented and peer-reviewed one-of-a-kind membrane technology into ASICS products.  Drop a ❤️ or 👍🏻 below to support Hong Kong's innovation. They are now ready to disrupt the health monitoring landscape and make ASICS a leader in the smart-sportswear market.  Learn more:   Follow HKSTP - Hong Kong Science and Technolo

Beat Drugs Fund applications open

The Beat Drugs Fund today began inviting grant applications for its 2022 funding exercise. The application period closes on September 7.   The fund subsidises projects which tackle the problem of drug abuse.   Priority will be accorded to projects in three areas - treatment and rehabilitation, preventive education and publicity, and research.   The application form and guide are available on the Security Bureau Narcotics Division website.   The Beat Drugs Fund Association will also arrange three briefing and experience sharing sessions online on August 1, 4 and 11 for interested applicants. The online enrolment form is now available.   Application results will be released in the first quarter of next year.