530 cases found in restricted areas

The Government today announced that 530 preliminary positive COVID-19 cases were found in the compulsory testing exercises for the restricted areas in Tseung Kwan O, Tuen Mun and Kwun Tong.   It made a restriction-testing declaration yesterday for Kin Hei House of Kin Ming Estate in Tseung Kwan O where 1,550 people were tested with 70 preliminary positive cases identified.   In Tuen Mun, at Block 3 of Po Tin Estate and Tip Ying House of Butterfly Estate, 918 and 1,155 people from the two blocks underwent a test and 46 and 191 preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19.   Regarding Tin Hang House of Shun Tin Estate in Kwun Tong, 223 initially positive cases were found after testing 1,280 people.   There were 47 indeterminate cases in the restricted areas, the Government added.

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