CS congratulates elected members

Chief Secretary John Lee today congratulated all elected members of the 2021 Legislative Council Election, adding that the Government looks forward to constructive interaction with the new-term LegCo in tackling Hong Kong's various issues.   Noting the election is an important milestone in implementing "patriots administering Hong Kong" after the improvements made to the electoral system, Mr Lee said that it was conducted smoothly in a fair, open, just and orderly manner.   “In this election, every constituency was contested, demonstrating broad representation, balanced participation, political inclusiveness and fair competition.   “I congratulate the 90 elected members of the seventh-term LegCo.”   The Chief Secretary said that he and other principal officials look forward to building and maintaining communication and co-operation with them in taking forward and implementing the measures set out in the Chief Executive’s Policy Address.   Mr Lee also thanked all the civil servants and public officers, including serving and retired colleagues, who participated in organising the election as well as non-official personnel who provided assistance and service.   Their dedication and efforts have significantly contributed to this successful election, he added.

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